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iEE has extensive expertise in the structural design of multi-story buildings. Some of these structures include:

  • Multi-story residential and office buildings (reinforced concrete, steel, and reinforced masonry)

  • Hotel structure

  • University buildings

  • Factory steel structure and crane

  • Underground tanks

  • Roof structures: Steel domes, Steel trusses, etc.

Commercial and Residential Buildings 



Design Codes and Standards:

  • National Building Code of Canada (NBCC)

  • American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE)

  • Canadian Standard Association CSA A23.1, A23.2, A23.3, S16

  • American Concrete Institution ACI-318

  • American Institute of Steel Constructions (AISC)


Software used:

  • SAP2000


  • SAFE

  • SAFI

  • STAAD.Pro

  • S-Frame, S-Concrete, S-Calc, S-line

  • spBeam, spColumn, spFrame, spMats, spSlab, spWall 

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