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Material &

Structural testing

iEE partners with the Centre for Structural Safety and Resilience (CSSR) at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which offers wide range of material and structural testing covering:

  • Characterization of mechanical properties of material (concrete, steel, composites, plastics, masonry, etc.)

  • Conducting Proof-of-Concept / Full-Scale tests on structural systems (beams, columns, slabs, walls, frames, trusses, arches, etc.)

  • Tests include: Tension, Compression, and Flexure

  • Test modes include: Static, Quasi-static / Cyclic, Dynamic, and Fatigue

  • Load and deformation capacities: 3000 kN (300 ton, 675 kips) and 400 mm (15.75″)

  • Measured parameters: Displacement, Strain, and Force

  • Development of computer models to minimize test parameters

  • Reporting analyses of experimental and numerical results for certifications and patent applications

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