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We strongly believe in the importance of continuous professional development for engineers, especially in nowadays fast changing world. iEE strongly believes in the importance of sharing knowledge. We have been offering many technical courses and workshops tailored for engineers and consulting companies. They were highly evaluated and praised. iEE offers the following courses and workshops:

  • Design of reinforced concrete structures 

  • Advanced design and retrofit of concrete structures

  • Design of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete structures

  • Structural dynamics and vibration of industrial concrete and steel structures

  • Design of reinforced masonry structures

  • Progressive collapse resistant structures (General Services Administration GSA 2013)

  • Design of blast-resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities (ASCE 2010)



Workshops and Training for Engineers


Recent updated material: (February 27, 2017)


Presentation on: “New generation of sustainable and resilient reinforced masonry buildings”. To: The l'Association des entrepreneurs en maçonnerie du Québec (AEMQ)

Press Conference




Video-1: Construction of reinforced masonry shear walls with boundary elements.

Video-2: Concept of tall buildings constructed with reinforced masonry walls and concrete slabs.

Video-3: Testing reinforced masonry shear walls subjected to earthquake effects.

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