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iEE has extensive expertise in the design, detailing, and review of Mining Structures including:

  • The Crusher building (supporting the rock breaker, crusher and conveyors);

  • Sag Mill support foundation (massive structure to support the Sag Mills and their vibrations);

  • Ball Mill support foundation (massive structure to support the Ball Mills);

  • Foundation supporting heavy vibrating machines and steel structures (with or without rock anchors);

  • Thickener structure (including underground tunnel and supports for the thickener central tower);

  • Stock Pile foundation (including RC columns/wall supports for dome);

  • Stock pile tunnel foundation;

  • Conveyor bents, and other structures.

Mining Structures



Whether it is a new design or it is a retrofit/upgrade of an existing one, we have effective solutions for mitigating vibration problems from heavy machines on structures and foundations.

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